Replica Longines Watches Equestrian Collection

— Longines replica watches launches a new feminine collection inspired by the equine world.


Boasting a decidedly bold design, the various models of this collection nevertheless remain true to the elegance that characterises the winged hourglass brand.

Shapes and materials derive their inspiration from symbolic elements of equestrian sports with which Longines have been intertwined for over a century. Arches on racetracks evoking horseshoes, stirrups and fine leather of saddles are the strong images found in the bold lines of these watches dedicated to female equestrian sports lovers.

The models evoking the arch are available in four sizes – 23 mm, 26 mm and 30 mm and 34 mm – while watches drawing their inspiration from the stirrup come in three sizes, 23.50 mm, 26.50 mm and 30 mm.

Their steel cases house a quartz movement and each of these watches also comes in a diamond-set version. The polished black lacquer and mother-of-pearl dials are adorned with diamond indexes, while the silver-coloured flinqué dial features Roman numerals and the silver-coloured sunburst dial Arabic numerals.

The stirrup-shaped model with a mother-of-pearl dial is also available in an even more dazzling version, decorated with a double row of diamonds. All the watches in this collection are fitted with overstitched leather straps matching the rider outfit.


Equestrian Collection, Arche.
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Baume & Mercier replica watches The subtle strategy of the Cobra

— Baume & Mercier has earned the rights to fake Rolex watchmaking usage of the much sought-after Shelby Cobra brand name. It is once again entering a territory beyond its native realm. The long-term strategy of the brand, which is proving to be bolder and more disruptive than one might think, is taking shape… and proving effective.

Alain Zimmermann et une AC-Cobra originale © David Carteron / Delos Communications

Any closer look at Baume & Mercier induces a need to spend time on the brand, to look at its products in detail and, if possible, to discuss all this with the CEO, Alain Zimmermann, as well as to meet its teams and partners.

On May 12th, the brand had gathered all these ingredients, and not just anywhere or with any random company: the venue was the Montlhéry speed ring built in 1924 and one of only two of its kind in Europe, and the ‘team-mate’ was the legendary Shelby Cobra performance car company.

Unexpected match
News of the partnership between the two firms, which was announced in mid-March right in the middle of Baselworld, went almost unnoticed. And yet it is big news, in that Baume & Mercier is now entitled to put the name “Shelby Cobra” on some of its models.

Alain Zimmermann carefully avoids the traditionally used term of  ‘licensing’, “and for a very good reason, given that the term doesn’t really fit”, says the CEO. “While that was indeed the agreement model we were initially offered, I really believed we could do better, which is why, in exchange for the use of this name, we are supporting the Carroll Shelby Foundation, whose main mission is to help children affected by serious heart problems.”

Few would have wagered on Baume & Mercier entering the field of motor racing. “It is indeed a somewhat different area from those we are accustomed to dealing with”, says Alain Zimmermann with a smile. As one would expect, he is focusing firmly on passion, the inevitable “brand values”, and a shared concern for excellence.


The Capeland Chrono, a 1,965-piece limited edition.
© David Carteron / Delos Communications

Reconciling the irreconcilable

One nonetheless cannot help observing the extreme singularity of the Shelby world. The authentic “AC Cobra” was produced in a run of around 1,000 units, of which 75 for the first 1962 version. These super-rare supercars currently sell for well over a million dollars.

Sceptics are thus bound to cast aspersions on the marriage between mass market and extremely confidential distribution, volume and value. Despite such considerations, Shelby Cobra undoubtedly gives Baume & Mercier a fresh and unforeseen boost. The brand is venturing into a territory where nobody was expecting it, in a move analogous to the Baume & Mercier tourbillon (introduced at the SIHH 2014) that had disconcerted certain observers.

Today, the same critics will deride an initiative that once again bears no direct relation to the Baume & Mercier world. But should one necessarily expect a brand to repeat itself indefinitely?


A personal dedication by Carroll Shelby. Although he passed away in 2012 at the age of 89, this charismatic individual lives on in the hearts of all motor racing enthusiasts.
© David Carteron / Delos Communications

Capeland models get a shot of pure venom

Once again, Alain Zimmermann begs to differ. He has boldly decided to steer Baume & Mercier well outside its comfort zone. He owns up to having had his own doubts. “Is it truly a natural association? I had to ask myself that”, confides the CEO. Alexandre Peraldi, Baume & Mercier’s Design Director, admits he had the same fears: “When Alain came and asked me to turn my attention to creating a Shelby Cobra model, I heaved a great sigh. What more could be done? It is not our world and everything had already been done.”


Alexandre Peraldi, Design Director, Baume & Mercier.
© David Carteron / Delos Communications

Nevertheless, after giving it a closer look, the various teams became enthused by the venture. “We worked on the project for 18 months”, says the designer, who has previously spent time with Cartier.  “It was when we made the connection with a Capeland that things became self-evident. The same curves, the same proportions… and suddenly all manner of possibilities opened up. We even had to apply the brakes to a certain extent. There are in fact so many Shelby Cobra details that could be injected into the Capeland that we might have ended up making a kind of ‘billboard’ Swiss replica watches, whereas we were on the contrary determined to maintain a sense of elegance and discretion.”

The initial collection features two models, respectively issued in series of 1,965 and 98. These understated yet well thought-out timepieces respect the essence of each company. The blue/gold model is distinguished by its aura of power and vitality. A one-of-a-kind creation will be presented in the coming months and auctioned, once again to raise funds for the Carroll Shelby foundation. Alain Zimmermann also announces the introduction of certain models into the standard collections in 2016, and is once again liable to win his bet: making Baume & Mercier stand out from the pack and staying well ahead of the field. With sometimes as much as 700hp beneath the dial, the pole position is well within reach.


Baume & Mercier organised an opportunity for a dozen or so AC Cobras to take a spin on the legendary Montlhéry speed ring. Big thrills guaranteed!
© David Carteron / Delos Communications


Panerai replica watches Video. PAM00526

— Take a closer look at the Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio.

The Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio is a chronograph with Regatta countdown function, specifically created for classic yacht racing.

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Edition «Laureus Sport for Good Foundation»

— At the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai, IWC Replica Watches Schaffhausen presented this limited special edition watch, with the characteristic Laureus blue on the dial.

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation back

As part of the company’s long- term commitment to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the sports timepiece maintains one of the Swiss watchmaker’s grand traditions: part of the proceeds from sales goes to aiding the work of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, whose sports-related social projects are designed to have a positive influence on the lives of disadvantaged children around the world. The engraving on the back of the watch reproduces the drawing by a girl from Uganda, who won the Cheap IWC replica watches children’s drawing competition.


Ingenieur Automatic Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation”.

The elegant Ingenieur Automatic Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” (Ref. IW323909), with its three hands, is a classic in the Ingenieur watch family and features a timeless, distinctively clear design together with protection against magnetic fields. The sporty timepiece far exceeds the Swiss standards laid down for protection against magneticfields in watches. The chunky, screw-in crown is generously sized and shielded by solid protective shoulders. Despite its elegant appearance, the Ingenieur Automatic Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” is thus extremely functional, robust and suitable for everyday use. One of the hallmarks of the Laureus special editions, along with their blue dial, is the engraving on the case back.

The Ingenieur Automatic Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” is the ninth in a series of special editions that IWC traditionally releases to support the work of the Laureus foundation. Joining Goris Verburg, Managing Director IWC Schaffhausen North East Asia, and Edwin Moses, Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy, was Chinese artistic gymnast, multiple Olympic gold medal winner and world champion, Li Xiaopeng. Together, they presented this limited classic timepiece to the press, whose dial in the characteristic Laureus blue is an indication that its mission goes far beyond merely displaying the time.

Recently named as a new ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Li Xiaopeng showed great respect for its valuable work. “The Foundation has an enormous influence on the lives of many disadvantaged children,” stressed Li Xiaopeng. “Children exposed to dire circumstances, whether in the middle of a big city or wartorn region, need something to hold on to. Laureus projects give them a cause for optimism and encourage team spirit, regardless of the colour of their skin, religion or ethnic background.” Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy Edwin Moses produced a number of figuresto underline the success of Laureus’ actions: “Since 2000, Laureus has collected over 60 million euros. This money has enabled us to support 150 local projects in 35 countries and has pushed the lives of one-and-a-half million young people in a more positive direction.”


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